258th Governing Council Meeting at Kochi

All India Federation of Masters Printers

258th Governing Council Meeting

23 to 25th Sept 2022, Hotel Marriott, Kochi, Kerala

The special attraction of this year’s GC Meeting was of course the present President of our organization Shri. AIFMP GC Meeting was held soon after Ravindra Joshi, took over as the President of his organization. This year West Zone had the honor of President AIFMP… As no one from the Zone applied, our beloved President was once again declared as the incumbent President of AIFMP. In the last election, when it was the 100th year of our organization, our president who was elected by majority, Shri. Ravindra Joshi never looked back. Even before assuming the chairmanship, he had done a great job in AIFMP by holding various positions. Also this year’s election was uncontested as AIFMP has done great work for many years. Establishing good relations with all the associations in India has once again instilled pride in the veins of PPOA this year. AIFMP has bought its own land and intends to build AIFMP Bhavan on it. The President is making special efforts for that and it is in the mind of the President that various activities like Quality Control Lab / Printing Library / Printing Education / New Technology will be done in that building. Also the Chairperson of this year’s PAMEX Exhibition Mr. Ravindra Joshi has a huge responsibility and I believe he will fulfill it. It is a humble request that the other directors of the organization give him a strong helping hand. This year’s AGM & GC Meeting Kochi was organized by KPA. This GC meeting was organized in a good hotel at a very good location.GC Meeting was arranged by KPA very nicely. He was also questioning all AIFMP members. Hotel, rooms and food arrangements were also perfect.

All the members of KPA performed their responsibilities well even though the expenditure was not coordinated in the post-corona era. All the topics of GC Meeting were completed properly and AGM started. The election process started and the office bearers of the organization were declared. Due to timely withdrawal, all the seats were elected unopposed. This year as West-Vice President, our member Mr. Anant Vishwanath Joshi was selected as VP (West). All approved him and the GC / GB Members of PPOA gave a single cheer. This year President Ravindra Joshi and West VP as A.V. Everyone was especially happy that Joshi would sit. In the presidential speech, Ravindra Joshi expressed his intention to do many activities for the printers, and also said that everyone should make a concerted effort to get back the lost glory of the printers. Proud to be a Printer, Print is alive.

Onam program was organized by KMPA for the members of PPOA on the next day. He gave us all a warm welcome. All the members of their association along with their families had gathered for Onam. He organized various programs. Ravindra Joshi was felicitated, and after the program of music, dance, song and drama, we returned after relishing the food. The decoration, flower arrangement and arrangement, planning in that hall was excellent. Everyone got a first-hand experience of what Onam is all about.