The Poona Press Owners Association Ltd. (PPOA) Pune, is one of the oldest association in India. It has also played a parental role in establishing Maharashtra Mudran Parishad & All India Federation of Master Printers. It has got a golden history of imparting education in printing industry. It has also played important role in negoatiating with local and other authorities.



The question is not “How are you going to do.?” The question is “How are you going to handle.?” The answer is “Our Mission.”


The PPOA has been catering to the printers needs for last 99 years, and has earned the loyalty and trust of customers spread across various fields and geographies with our quality, timeliness and customer service. The PPOA is a zero-debt company.


The PPOA is a one-stop shop that can handle all your requirements for Printing, Ink to production to Paper. Having the entire stock in-house ensures tight control over quality and faster turnaround.


The PPOA is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure high quality and fast turnaround. A high-level of redundancy and minimum dependence on outsourcing makes us a reliable partner.


The PPOA (Mudran Sahitya Bhandar) sells oil based TOYO inks which mploy the latest technologies to reduce process wastage.

Brief history of The Poona Press Owners Association (PPOA)

It all started after the First World War when the printers from Pune realised that they were facing many difficulties like scarcity of paper, ink and skilled labour availability. To address the issues, few visionary press owners congregated and established The Poona Press Owners Association (now popularly known as PPOA) on 19th May 1919, the oldest association of printers in India. Since then, The Poona Press Owners Association has been working with the motive of imparting print education for providing employment and supporting a common platform for coping up with dynamic growth of the print industry while managing disruptions in the print industry.

The PPOA was formed in 1919 with following three broad objectives,

  1. To promote the interests of printing and allied professionals
  2. To create cooperation and harmony between the owners and managers / workforce of the printing presses
  3. Framing necessary guidelines in order to achieve above two goals.

Going forward, in 1940, the Poona Press Owners’ Association reviewed its own constitution and started working on changes in it to include time bound references like developments in the printing business in America, growth of empirical knowledge in various associations and meetings, appreciation of those who acquired skills in business, skill development workshops and related educational institutes, creation of new literature related to business and government support for growing the business.

While making changes, the association has formulated a practical ten-point formula keeping in mind key goals and objectives which are as follows:

  1. Formalising an association structure of Printing and Allied Businesses: Association structure is useful for organizing ideas and efforts for research and development.
  2. Consideration of Matters Affecting Business: It was expected to overcome the ignorance among print professionals about the need to organize.
  3. Promotion of general interest of the members and all-round upliftment of the business: It was assumed that the objectives such as making available raw material & tools for business at cheap rates, getting work for the business and making advancement through new research and tools, seeking help from government for the growth in the business etc. would be achieved through the association approach.
  4. To establish and maintain cooperation and harmony between the members and trade unions in their respective trades: guidance and advice on how employers can use their experience to get more work out of workers without losing them while creating win-win situations.
  5. Dissemination of Business Information and Legislation: It was envisaged to keep the members updated on the methods of Block Making, Litho, Offset, etc., to avoid their losses due to ignorance, and to pursue the Government for favorable changes in the laws affecting the business by circumventing the legal provisions.
  6. Promoting the principles of scientific method of costing paper: The association laid the foundation for the new constitution, taking the view that when the cost and revenue of a job in the printing business could be determined quantitatively, quoting estimated prices would create a feeling of mistrust among consumers.
  7. Collaborating with like minded associations: Such mutual collaboration was envisioned to boost business and overall business growth.
  8. Professionalism, law or financial assistance to members at individual level: Although there were few individuals who entered into this profession using personal skill, hard work and intelligence, society used to look down on this profession. Considering the progressive nature of the business, the association expressed the need for development of supplementing indigenous technology considering climate, job requirements and locally available skill sets while supporting the members.
  9. Fundraising for institute work: The need for fundraising was expressed for the institute to have its own research school, printing school for skill development and making available of the literature on printing business.
  10. Actions taken by the executive board of the association for the fulfillment of these objectives: This provision was made so that the functioning of the association should be decent and no one should derail the association by straying beyond the associational objectives.

This constitution for the association was created when there was no precedent for the work of any other association at the national level in the printing business. By changing its constitution and purpose in the 21st year of its establishment, the association has set an exemplary example of how forward thinking we can be. Due to the immense efforts taken during the time of framing the constitution, it was easily possible to accept it as a working framework even today without having to make major changes in it. Hats off to our Founders..!!

In today’s age of technological accessibility it is difficult to predict the challenges posed to the printing industry in the 20th century. In 21st Century, it is even more difficult to understand the scope of the future of the print industry. There are signs that this century will take the printing business beyond the medium of paper and will connect it to many other spheres of life. Each of these transformations in print business will bring many opportunities with it. It would be unrealistic to believe that a single person can earn the strength to seize this opportunity on the strength of his own intellectual, financial, professional and organizational abilities. Professional association platforms will become increasingly important in the future to overcome these limitations.

The Poona Press Owners Association Ltd” has provided such a platform to the printers of Pune for over a hundred years and we can be rest assured that this platform will continue to be available in the future as well for hand holding the print fraternity while bearing the torch showing the successful pathways ahead.

We are feeling proud to be a PRINTER and part of the one and only historic print association in the country having completed 104 years.