Highest Selling

Recently, under the Strong Leadership of Mr. Raveendra D Joshi, President of The PPOA Ltd., We signed a fresh Sales Agreement with TOYO INK INDIA PVT LTD. for Exclusive Sales & Marketing Rights of their No. 1 ink for 4 colour sheet feed offset presses “Tk JPN “
It is the module of Bulk Buying at almost 22% lower pricing than their market price. The idea is to pass on maximum % of benifit to end user fellow printer brothers.

Mr. Murthy, Director Sales and his team Mr. Mukesh Ahir & Mr. Prashant Kulthe represented Toyo India gor the agreement.

last 10 yrs Toyo JPN has been the highest selling ink in the region. JPN Market Share has been consistently over 60% in the region, in sheet feed offset ink business.