Printers Meet At Pune [ MUDRAK MELAVA ]

Pune Press Owners Association has organized a Printers Meet in Pune on 6th Dec 2022.

The idea of this meet was to bring printers together to express their thoughts on various aspects of print business.

About 160 printers (small/medium/big) from Pune and around attended this meet and expressed their thoughts and views on current scenario of print business.

A questioner was circulated among the printers with different set of questions asking about why they choose this business, which area of print business they like more, what are their challenges in print business etc.

Each Director of PPOA was sitting at different table discussing with different printer at his table. After discussion and feedback from printers,
we have received following suggestions from printers

  • Unity is Power, we should unite together to resolve the problems.
  • Uniform minimum printing Rates should be decided / declared by association
  • Good Quality spare parts, Electronic cards etc. should be made available.
  • Training camp for workers, small courses for new technology.
  • Future of printing workshop
  • Skill Labor not available.
  • Periodical/ monthly meeting is required to build the relationship, faith between the printers.
  • Small printers should be involved in PPOA & try to solve their problems
  • Bad Customer list should be circulated among the Printers to reduce the loss of the printers. Black list of these customers should be published.
  • Wages of skilled labor should be fixed.
  • Association should help at the time of Purchase of Old and New Machinery.
  • Programme on Printing Cost, Taxation, MSME, various loan structure shold be conducted.
  • Tie up with should be made with printing schools for placement of students who wishes to work in the industry.
  • Information about various Govt. Schemes
  • Networking and Knowledge sharing Programme. Know your cost first?
  • After CORONA there was a sudden price hike of raw material, chemical, petrol etc.Complete print industry is in depressed mood and I printers are under tremendous mental pressure/ stress, some motivational speaker’s programmes should be arranged to boost the morale of our printers.